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Blue Ocean Racing

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We are Blue Ocean Racing: A team of six students who are participating in the competition “formula 1 in schools”! By working together as a team, we achieved our greatest success at the nationals finals 2020. We placed second and qualified for the World Finals in Melbourne. Now we are highly motivated to become Wolrd Champions 2021!

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Without our sponsors our participation in this competition would not be possible. But not only the sponsorship itself is important for us, also the chance of transferring knowledge. Because of this we work together as close as possible with our sponsors and put a focus on good communication.



The main aspect of the competition is our racing car. We spend a lot of time and effort engineering and manufacturing it, so it can be as fast as possible. Our experience and knowledge have grown over the years, which enables us to design faster cars every season.

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Through the years we experienced a lot. The work together with it’s ups and downs made us grow as a team, so that even in times of frustration we stick together. This team cohesion also reflects in our achievements as a team. But our greatest journey is still ahead of us.